Who we are

Business Copywriting Group  (Henceforth known as the Business) is committed to your privacy. We want you to know that we are not interested in collecting your personal information (known as “Personally Identifiable Data” or PID) to distribute to the highest bidder for marketing purposes or for our profit. We only want to collect this data to make your user experience better. Honest. To prove this, we are providing you with this full Privacy Policy telling you when we collect that information and how we use it and to be transparent about what we do with your valuable data and how we keep it secure. We will change this Privacy Policy from time to time, but we will notify you when this changes.

Types of data we collect

Website Cookies

We are not currently collecting cookie data, nor do we intend to do so, so we will let you know if that changes.

App Analytics

When someone downloads our app(s), we use Google Analytics and Apple Analytics, so we collect the same basic data that they would and we will only use it to know areas we need to serve better. But, if Google, Apple or anyone else requests any PID, we will flat out tell them, “No”.

Mailing Lists

This is something we intend to implement in the future. You will not be automatically enrolled in this when we do implement it. We intend to send out monthly newsletters and occasional news that may indicate changes to this Privacy Policy, important feature updates or known bugs we are working on among other important items. The newsletters will not be tailored to any specific analytics, like shopping habits and we will not use any personal data other than your name and email address. We do not trade, rent or otherwise obtain email lists from other services. You are free to unsubscribe from the newsletters, however, you will still receive important news via email.

Purchasing Products

When you purchase items on our app or in the marketplace, we will only use the data you have provided us (credit card, billing or delivery data) for that transaction. We will save your credit card data for your future ease of use, but you are free to delete that data at any time. However, since our databases track customer purchases, transaction histories must be available for merchants where you have shopped for a minimum period of (5) years for their tax purposes. However, merchants are unable to view your credit card data or any PID (like your name, where you live, etc.) without your consent.

Selling Products

If you choose to sell Feathers or other products in the marketplace, you must have a credit card processing account through Pay Anywhere, or have a PayPal account. Pay Anywhere adheres to the same privacy policy we do, so you do not have to worry about us taking any more information than we absolutely have to and Pay Anywhere will not share any PID without your consent. However, we cannot speak for PayPal. Their privacy policy can be found at https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full.

Third Parties

Interum, Inc. is our parent company and Interum, Inc. has multiple divisions that have access to the same data. With all of Interum, Inc. companies your data is safe with us. You will not be signed up for any of these services without your consent and you may drop them at any time.

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information on anyone below 13 years old. If you have discovered PID that pertains to a child, please notify us immediately at admin@interumcorp.com or call us at 423-269-7527 and we will attempt to rectify the issue.

Access to your personal information

You are fully entitled to view, amend or delete personal information that we have on file for you. If for any particular reason you cannot amend or delete your data, you can reach out to us directly at admin@interumcorp.com or submit a support ticket at admin@interumcorp.com If you need to reach us immediately during normal business hours (9 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday), you may call us at (423)269-7527 and we’ll do our best to fix the issue ASAP.

Changes to this privacy policy

We will occasionally make changes to this policy and we will notify you via email. This policy is attempting to be GDPR compliant and was last reviewed May 24, 2018.

App Analytics

When someone downloads our app(s), we use Google Analytics and Apple Analytics, so we collect the same basic data that they would and we will only use it to know areas we need to serve better. But, if Google, Apple or anyone else requests any PID, we will flat out tell them, “No”.


Our Terms & Polices

Please read our terms of use agreement carefully before using the website, mobile applications, and services offered by the Business and its subsidiaries. This agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of this website, and all websites within the Interum group of businesses,  mobile applications, and services provided by the membership of the Cooperative (collectively called “Services”).


You and all Cooperative member organizations are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this Agreement.* By using the Services in any manner, including but not limited to visiting or browsing the Site, you (the “user” or “you”) agree to be bound by this Agreement, including those additional terms and conditions and policies referenced herein and/or available by hyperlink. This Agreement applies to all users of the Services, including without limitation users such as vendors, customers, merchants, contributors of content, information and other materials or services on the Site.


Important Notice: If you have any questions, please refer to the Help section of the Site.



Understanding Shipment Costs

Shipping costs will vary depending on the product, method of delivery and buyer location. Shipping costs and taxes are always calculated at the checkout page after you specify the shipping destination. Do note that most members of the Business-Cooperative offers free shipping within the US (subject to change). Heavy or large items such as furniture, special equipment, handmade pottery or vases, etc. may qualify for additional shipping and handling charges.


Shipping Products

We currently use FedEx, UPS, USPS for shipping your orders to you. However, we can ship anywhere within the US via your preferred shipment service. Some artisans may choose to utilize other shipping methods or means that are more convenient to them or are more relevant to their region or country.


Returning/Exchanging/Refunding A Product

If you wish to return an item, contact our customer service team and provide them with your order number, item name, and reason for the return. Your request will be reviewed and upon approval you will be issued a return authorization. For more information visit our Returns section of this document.


Exchanging an Item

The Business stores special products and thus their quantities may be limited. We advise you to order the new item separately before you apply for return of a previously bought/original item. In case you receive a damaged product or an item that is not as described on site, please get in touch with our executives at the earliest. We will do all we can to rectify the situation. Do note that a replacement may not always be possible.


Fee for Returns

Any item that is eligible for return DOES NOT entail any fee for return. You get store credit applicable to the business for the purchase price and the initial shipping costs are non-refundable.


Credit for A Return

Once the Business receives an item, your store credit will be processed and credited to your account within 5 business days. For more assistance visit our Returns  and Refunds section.

If you haven’t found the answer to your query, please get in touch.



We make it easy for you to return or exchange or cancel orders with us. A majority of products listed with the Business have a 28 days grace period. Within this grace period, you can notify the artisan or supplier of the cancellation, return or exchange of any order or item. Your grace period starts from the day your order is delivered and lasts for the next 28 days. This applies only to cancellable goods.*


Managing Your Orders – Cancel/Return/Exchange

The Business suggests you to contact the artisan in case you want to cancel or return or exchange an order. You can let the artisan or supplier know of the same via any of the options below:

You can go to “my orders” page and pick out the order or item that you want to cancel/return/exchange. Click on the “contact the artisan” option and simply upload the information

You can also fill in the cancellation form which is available at the Business website. Provide the necessary details such as your name, order number, order details (if needed), subject line and reason for cancellation or return (if needed). Email the completed form to admin@interumcorp.com and you are sorted


Already Received The Order Before You Could Complete The Cancellation?

Package the item/product and send it back to the Business. Make sure that you do that within 14 days of informing us about order cancellation. It is recommended to use a signed-for delivery service along with proof of postage. Kindly do take note that the direct cost of returning the product will be borne by the buyer

All members of the Business-Cooperative function as the artisan’s or supplier’s payment agent. We make sure to process the refund directly to your PayPal account 14 days after:

The artisan or supplier receives the product or;

You confirmed that you have returned the product to the artisan or supplier or;

You informed the artisan or merchant of the cancellation/return/exchange (if no goods were delivered or supplied)

Please DO NOT discard or destroy any product if it is found to be faulty unless you have contacted the artisan or merchant/ supplier and know that doing so WILL NOT affect the cancellation/refund/exchange that you may have a claim on or be entitled to.


Please note that the buyer will be liable for any damage, or diminished value accruing to the product as a result of mishandling, or transit back to the artisan. Certain handling of the product which is necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and functioning will be excused to an extent that is essential to derive its purpose.


You can redeem your gift vouchers within 7 business days of purchase. Please go through our gift voucher terms and conditions for more information. All our artisans comply with the Businesses’ returns policy. We assure you peace of mind while shopping with us. If you have any questions or confusion feel free to get in touch with us at.


What You Can’t Send Back

You might find some items or products that cannot be returned or canceled and we understand that it is a bit of an inconvenience. Nonetheless, we inform you beforehand that such items are NON-REFUNDABLE and advise you to read the terms and conditions attached with such goods before you make a purchase.


items that are considered Non-Returnable or Non-Refundable or Non-Cancellable are as Follows:

Products that are made to your specific requirements

These items are outside of standard make and features and the artisan/creator takes special care while retrieving or creating such good

Every such item is personalized to a particular customer’s preference and hence can’t be resold to another buyer due to its bespoke features and elements

Perishable goods such as foods or semi-cooked packaged items DO NOT qualify for return or cancellation

Specifically designed products that are commissioned only on the behest of the customer such as art and sculpture pieces, ceramics and other intricately designed items are NON-REFUNDABLE

Personal items such as cosmetics and innerwear or other items that require hygiene seal to be broken to be used CANNOT BE CANCELED

To find out in detail what items qualify and what don’t as cancelable/returnable/refundable refer to the Business Product List.



Calculating Sales Tax

Your sales tax will be calculated during the checkout on cart page and will be based on the shipping destination. Remember, some countries may require duties and taxes (international shipping).

Paying for your order

The Businesses’ website only accepts payments for all orders via a valid PayPal account (We will introduce other modes of payment soon).

Checking the Status of Your Order

Login to your account and check the status of your order under “My Orders.” For more information visit our FAQs page.

Changing the Order after Placing It

In any such instances, you need to be quick in contacting us. We will try our best to make the necessary changes in your order to accommodate your request.


The Business takes Care of Any & All Disputes Arising Between Buyers and Sellers through Amicable Means

We prefer to resolve all your issues through arbitration and that will take place in Hamilton County, Tennessee. Settlement of any dispute is conducted in English language in accordance with the Arbitration Rules and Procedures of Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. A commercial arbitrator with substantial experience will be appointed to resolve intellectual property and commercial contract disputes. The prevailing party in any arbitration or resolution procedure shall be entitled to receive reimbursement of its reasonable expenses. For more information visit our Terms and Conditions (Section 9 – Resolution of Disputes).

Disputes with Users or Third Parties

In the event a dispute arises between you and another user or a third party, the Business encourages you to contact the user or third party to resolve the dispute amicably. If a buyer and seller are unable to resolve a dispute resulting from a transaction that occurs, they may choose to participate in the Businesses’ case system in order to resolve the dispute. The Business will not make judgments regarding legal issues or claims. For more information on the same kindly visit our Terms and Conditions (Section 9 – Resolution of Disputes)